Choices Inc, 2016

Teamwork makes a dream work

Much of what we do is in the communities.  We reach out to  institutions across the states of Maryland, D.C. and Virginia, who are in need of our services. Myself and guest speakers travel to hold group presentations that are educational in nature, but also both interactive and fun. We cover an array of topics--all ingredients that lead to becoming positive, productive and successful young adults.  We also offer assistance on an individual basis, at the request of a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18. As we grow, plans are to broaden our scope to reach communities across America.

A list of facilities we adopt are below:

Middle & High Schools
After-School Centers
Juvenile Detention Centers
County and State Prisons
Parole & Probation Offices
Counselors Offices
Drug Rehab Facilities
Homeless Shelters
Youth Camps
Community Centers
Half-Way & Sober Houses
Crisis Intervention Centers

Court Appointed Group Homes
Pre-release & Work Release Center

Mental Health Centers (suicidal/depressed youth)

*Private Settings w/Parent(s) or Guardian(s)

*Please note that we do not meet in the homes

How we do it